DHAKA TODAY has already done some work around for web design. Our team is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the design process. We are one of very few design groups that takes the time to research the needs of our customers and their customers. Before we even begin designing your site, we know who will be visiting it. Frankly, our success depends on our customer's success. Your continued patronage, as well as your testimonials to potential Dhaka Today clients, means a good deal to us. We are not just web designers long-term partners in your business because as technology changes, we keep you on the cutting edge.

DHAKA TODAY is one of the up coming software company in bangladesh. Its main line of activity is to develop customized application software covering the entire responsibility of performing the initial system study, design, development, implementation and training. The application software is totally customized for clients' actual work requirements.
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Web Design Package
5-6 Pages Design With
Images & Animation, Cost Only.

TK. 5500/

Web Design Package
8-10 Pages Design With
Images & Animation, Cost Only.

TK. 7500/








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